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What Rose Promotions, LLC Can Do For You
First, we pride ourselves on giving you the personalized service you deserve. You can email us at, or call us at 703-858-0776, and be assured of prompt service.
Now.....How can you expect me to avail myself of your services if I don't know who you are?  Sure, you can give me a business card, but........
 When I see you're wearing a golf shirt, t-shirtjacket, or cap with your company name embroidered or screen printed on it, I know who you are and I think your company must be serious about their business.
A pen with your company's name, logo, and contact information is front and center more often than your business card.  But if you are adamant about making yourself known utilizing your business card, why not have it affixed to a magnet so it can sit on my refrigerator, so I don't have to thumb through a stack of other cards to get your contact information.
The point is, having your name recognized will improve your bottom line.
The same thing applies to an association.  When your group provides imprinted sun visors or screen-printed T-shirts for a fund-raising walk/run, the give-away itself sometimes brings bigger crowds to your function.  Speaking of give-aways, whether you're at a trade show or just want to say thank you to people doing business with you, they'll know who gave the give-away with your name on the product.
Our business is to help promote your business, by providing you with all your specialized promotional needs, from Apparel to Zippos...and everything in-between.
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